PRISK design studio


quirky, bold, prisky. design agency that creates brand identities, websites, apps, films, packaging, books and more. 



we move and dance to the beat of our own creative drum. we embrace the atypical and invite the originative. we dare others to do the same, to DO THINGS differently. be bold, unique, real & kick ass.

the current world includes too many stagnant, conservative brands, which in turn creates an even more uninspiring culture. this idea alone is what ignites our motivation and focus. PRISK is a women owned studio, with over 14 years of experience in brand identity & design. we believe that smart visual design is derived from conceptual strategy, lead by aesthetic and rooted in emotional connections. we know & understand this industry, we've got you covered.

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our branding approach is a mix of both sweet and spicy.

the sweet: we will hold your hand or give you a hug. (while we guide you through the process, or if you require/need). we work closely with our clients to create alluring, high quality, unique and meaningful brands. 

the spicy: we aim to provoke a new, more modern way of thinking. we strategize and develop everything from brand auditing, product and brand naming, architecture, strategy, positioning, to brand guidelines, graphic identities and ad campaigns.



you can't have one (branding) without the other (design). 

we design from the inside out. our cheerful and witty designers create the vision for the branding (aka the boomsauce). the approach and process are never the same, this is how real ideas and creativity are born. we strive to bring something fresh, original and brilliant to each client. the designs, whether it be a new name, logo, identity, book illustration, poster, magazine or campaign, all are created in uniform with the branding.