PRISK design studio



Mary Sellers


Art Director, Designer, Illustrator, Founder. Mary loves to move and dance to the beat of her own creative drum. With over a decade working in the creative & tech industries, she decided to finally dance to that beat and launch PRISK. Mary's passion for design and willingness to push creative boundaries is what drives PRISK. Mary is an AIGA mentor and is the city host for The Design Kids in ATL. Contact Mary.

Julia Forsyth


Associate Partner, Marketing Innovator, Analytical Thinker, Creative Business Optimizer, Relationship Manager... phew, that sums up the other brains to PRISK. Originally from Sydney, Australia, Julia's personal passion is to combine academic solutions and creative ideas to grow businesses. Contact Julia. 

We have a team of creatives we hire on a project by project basis and we continue to look for new talent. If you are interested in joining our team, contact us, we love making new friends!